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"PUER" - Женский дом в Барселоне
Тел. +34 672 14 89 36
Группа в ФБ: "Женские практики в Вене"
Тел. представителя: +43 69918211055
Адрес проведения занятий: Heidis Zauberpark, 1170, Dornbacher str. 62.
Страничка на ФБ: Клуб "Шестой этаж"
: (3822) 60-11-60, 57-97-87
Адрес: ул. Тверская, 81, клуб "Шестой этаж"


When we started in 2003, the term "woman training" was something outstanding. Now it's a common thing for Russian women, as thousands of them have attended plenty of course within these years.

Still, there is a big difference between quality and quantity. And we are happy to be the first ones. Our programs have been proved by thousands of students, whose lives have changed greatly. Nowadays their daughters come to attend our courses, and this is the best recommendation.

We provide the wide range of programs for women who want to keep their femininity and develop certain skills, which help them in relations, motherhood and self-realization. 

Our main values are:

  • quality of programs
  • ecology of processes
  • professional training leaders 
  • effectiveness - orientation on the result
  • changes from inside to outside
If you share our values and ideas - you are welcome to attend our courses!

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